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What is this training?

Enkindle Global offers on-site or remote training for business leaders desiring to prevent burnout ahead of the curve and make their employees’ wellbeing a priority through the process of strategic company culture design.

Why is it needed?

Over 60% of employees worldwide are reporting high levels of stress, and over 40% stated that they have experienced burnout
Stress and burnout result in:
  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased turnover & sick-leave days
  • Lack of motivation, engagement, and commitment
  • Blockages to creativity & innovation
Leaders play a significant role in “Emotional Contagion”. That means that your emotional content effects your employees’ wellbeing. We can help you develop skills to utilize emotional intelligence for long term positive effects
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What will you take away?

A clear picture of your staff challenges related to stress, balance, resilience & wellbeing
Advanced understanding of the causes of employee burnout and how to avoid it, based on up-to-date research and our team’s field experience
Customized foundation for your strategic wellbeing plan
Practical steps for immediate implementation of your strategic wellbeing approach
Systemic view of wellbeing interconnecting personal and organizational wellbeing

What to expect?

The training will last six weekly sessions and will include:

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Why work with Enkindle Global?

Our approach is based on years of hands-on experience with Participatory Leadership.

We don’t teach or consult; we work with you to facilitate a structured process tapping into the group intelligence that crafts optimal solutions for your situation – supporting both organizational and individual wellbeing.

Our experience is wide and runs deep. We use Professional Coaching, Strategic Leadership for Change, sustainability thinking and master level facilitation methodologies. By combining elements from varied disciplines, we create a profound transformational process.

Who is this training for?

We are offering the training to management teams who are committed to enhance personal wellbeing AND to manifest a positive shift at the organizational level.

This training fits for small-medium businesses or large companies/corporates that want to focus on specific departments one at a time. (Ideal group size: 10-15 people).

Does this sound like your organization?

What our previous participants share about their experience

I value the training, knowledge, and comradery that resulted from the training. Additionally, I had a few "ah ha" moments that are valuable tidbits for my wellbeing toolbox.
Angie Hickman, Director HR
Thank you for what I feel was a great introduction to the art of well-being. My team appreciated everything your team organized for us in the five sessions.
Michael Meyers, CEO
This experience has helped me a great deal to look at situations from a broader perspective and practice business empathy for my team and understand their stressors. I am extremely grateful for your support throughout this training.
J. Bennet, Team Manager

Meet your facilitators

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Davida Ginter is the Co-Founder & CEO of Enkindle Global and the author of the book “Burning Out Won’t Get You There”. She specializes in Participatory Leadership processes and holds a Master’s in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability (BTH, Sweden).

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Deborah Rupert is the nordic director of Enkindle Global and a certified coach from the International Coaching Federation. She specializes in mental processes and sharp questioning to reach mental clarity. She holds a Ph.D. in biophysics (Chalmers, Sweden).

Wilcox Gwynne

Wilcox Gwynne is a Co-founder and program developer at Enkindle Global. A Participatory Leadership Facilitator as well as Professional Massage Therapist and Health Educator. Ze champions sustainability projects with proven program management and facilitation skills with a strong understanding of theoretical sustainability principles and their application.

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