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Enkindle Global is a non-profit initiative that cultivates personal wellbeing to bring about social wellbeing.

We believe that social change could and should be carried better when changemakers are thriving and fulfilled.

We believe that burnout is not a given – and we can practice a healthier way of working, acting and living.

We believe that individually and collectively we can enkindle the passion to mobilize change, again and again.

Through mentorship, networks of support and unique participatory gatherings we are inspiring, practicing and sharing the transformation of the way we lead.


Burnout is a real, widespread, cross-sectoral and cross-cultural phenomenon. The evidence speaks for itself, 25% of small business owners reported that they feel burned out. (HBR, 2018)

Leading positive change for a better society is a much needed endeavor as the world faces global sustainability challenges. Yet leaders, changemakers, entrepreneurs, activists, caring and engaged people are often caught in a trap.

Changemakers’ passion to effect positive impact often leads to high stress and health issues. Their prioritization for environmental and social sustainability leaves little room for personal sustainability. Too often social leaders’ care for their work takes neglects their self-care, or sometimes, their ability to detect problems early on.

The signs of burnout are often missed, as described in an article from Thrive Global. Inability to concentrate, boredom, frequent colds, frequent careless mistakes, inability to concentrate, exhaustion regardless of rest, regressing in bad habits, unexplained pain, losing your voice – are just a partial list. Harvard Business Review includes depression and heart disease amongst their list.

Changemakers need their strength, health and energy to do the work and do it well. When leaders maintain a balanced and nourishing way of work and living – the effect ripples through society and humanity benefits.

With an eye to a thriving future and a global lens – Enkindle sets the intention to support all leaders who are committed to cultivating both personal and social wellbeing.


We believe that shared principles are the foundation for building an authentic community.

We inspire our partners, participants and engaged people, jointly creating a ripple effect of wellbeing that contributes to social change.

Awareness And Action Hand In Hand
Awareness and action hand in hand

We raise awareness for individual sustainability that focuses on personal practice and an action-oriented approach.


We welcome a variety of perspectives, interests and experiences. We remain inclusive to all humans who share the vision of making a positive social impact.

Sustainability And Beyond
Sustainability and beyond

We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner respecting both people and the ecological system. Furthermore, we step forward to develop thriving systems to prosper beyond simple sustainability.

Co-creation For Transformation
Co-creation for transformation

We transform the stories of leading change through a participatory and horizontal methods. Collaboration is an important part of this change-making process. Through co-creation we carry this change with us.


We support the creation of communities, tribes and networks of support. We leverage synergies and connections to scale up positive impact.

Trust And Transparency
Trust and transparency

We build and maintain open, social and trustful practices with our events, our partners, our participants and in all that we do.

A Space For Self-care
A space for self-care

We prioritize meaningful process over profit to cultivate a caring environment.

Integrity Of Action
Integrity of action

We embody and act our values by demonstrating authenticity and maintaining a grounded space.

Joy And Playfulness
Joy and playfulness

We celebrate joy, happiness and pure fun – because social change flourishes when we allow ourselves to flourish.

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